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Convenience now, satisfaction always.

"楽" means easy. We provided Cloud services to make all business easy. All Rakus cloud services have the following advantages.

Easy Setup

All RAKUS services can be used via the Internet.
In other words, if you can view Web pages, then you can use RAKUS services immediately.
Our engineers will operate and maintain the system, so you can introduce IT without any specialized knowledge.

Convenient Monthly Payments

RAKUS's systems are being used by more than 29,000 corporate clients.
We develop and operate the systems by collecting small fees from each of our clients.
This allows a client to pay just tens of thousands of yen a month to use a system that would cost hundreds of millions of yen to develop for a single firm.

Highly Secure

Systems need to be updated regularly to maintain security.
Costs  for security can increase significantly if each company does this continuously.
These systems require engineers with security expertise, but such personnel are usually difficult to find.
RAKUS has highly capable staff that will check and ensure security for all systems.  

Easy system scaling

Corporations cannot introduce IT all at once.
Ideally, a system should be scaled as necessary, commensurate with the growth of the organization and its personnel.
RAKUS offers a variety of systems.
Systems can be scaled according to the client's needs, such as sales promotions or strengthening management systems.

Convenient Service Termination

In a rapidly changing environment, it's possible that a system that was needed yesterday is no longer needed today.
If a company sets up an expensive package or order-made system, the initial investment can be lost.
With RAKUS, the service can be cancelled immediately if a system is no longer required.

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Bldg. QTSC 9, 4th Floor, Street 3, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.






24th April 2014

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100% Foreign Investment from Japan


USD 750,000